Sunday, December 22, 2013

Programming iOS 5 by Matt Neuburg

Get started programming for iOS on the iPhone and iPad! If you ever wanted to be able to write your own apps, then “Programming iOS 5” published by O’Reilly Media will show you how.

This book will introduce you to the in’s & out’s of the Xcode programming environment and the Objective-C language. Learn all about the basic objects such as scroll views, table views, and controls.

Chapters in Part I cover Objective-C objects, messages, classes, and instances. Part II shows you the anatomy of an Xcode project and how to use the built-in documentation. Part III covers the Cocoa classes. Part IV is all about Views, including layers and animation. Part V covers View Controllers. Part VI will introduce you to some of the available Frameworks.

Matt touches on all of the important things you will need to know before you start programming for iOS. I found this book to be very thorough and easy to follow. Any previous programming experience you can bring to the table will definitely help, but due to the unique style of Objective-C you may have to adjust how you think about achieving your programming goals.

You can write an iOS app today!

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Disclosure: I received a free copy of this ebook as part of the O’Reilly Reader Review Program.